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Glitter Party Details

Everyone wants to host a party that dazzles and delights and leaves your guests with something to talk about. A sure way to add some glam and glitz to a celebration is with touches of glitter, sequins and sparkles. From glamorous table cloths to shimmery vases and cocktail glasses rimmed with starry glitter. Throw in some of your own creativity, a flashy party dress, some killer heels and shimmer and shine the night (or day) away!

Spring party ideas

Spring has sprung and along with the sweet-smelling and sun-kissed days comes the perfect excuse for you to invite over friends and family for a delightful garden party. With just a little bit of planning, entertaining in the outdoors can be an absolute breeze. Creating a shady setting with tables, chairs, and cushions and then adding some essentials such as flowers, gorgeous glassware, fabulous drinks and eats and a happy smile, you can be assured of a fabulous occasion.

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