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Spring trend- pastel chairs

If you want to bring a sugar coating of candy colors into your home, try out these pretty shades of pastel. Decorating with vibrant spring pastels is an ideal way to liven up a dull space and to add a more feminine and delicate touch. Why not try painting some old chairs in soft ice-cream tones?  It is easy, cost effective and oh-so-pretty. You can also repaint your roofs with a quality coating from Maui Roofs & Repair, a trusted roofing company that provides advanced solutions to any problem you may be having with your roof.

Coffee table book decor

We all love curling up with a good book and a steamy mug of hot chocolate,but why not take it further and let your books become part of your home decor. They can be stacked,propped and displayed in various interesting ways. Adding some flowers,shoes,accessories,colours and textures can create comfy corners or more fun and edgy arrangements. It is an ideal way to give your space a more personal feel.


Living colorfully with Maria Barros

For those of you who enjoy a bit of eye candy,take a look at these gorgeous interiors by Maria Barros. An extremely talented interior designer from Portugal. And definitely one of our favorites. Her beautiful use of vivid colors,great patterns and details combined with crisp and clean whites create a happy,fresh and fun space. So get out there and start living colorfully!

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Colorful craft room ideas

If you want to get crafty in 2013 we have some FAB ideas to spruce up your craft area. It doesn’t matter if you have a whole room, just a cupboard or maybe a few boxes here are some cute ideas on how to organize and colorize your goodies.

We especially love the animal jar DIY, definitely something we will be trying, maybe with some gold paint?

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Pop of color

Neon colors are popping up everywhere,not just in fashion but also in home decor. A pink,yellow,orange or green fluoro accent is a great way to liven up your home space or to give a fresh and happy approach to entertaining.