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Pretty Pastel Home Office Ideas

Create the most beautiful and fresh home office space by incorporating soft and delicate pastels in your ideas. Using white as your basic background and adding just a few touches of blue, lilac, pink or velvety yellows will keep your decor light and airy. I adore these chalky pastel looks and it will turn any home office into the happiest of work areas.

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Bed bugs can do quite a bit of damage during the night and it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Calling in a professional bed bug exterminator is one of the best decisions a person can make to ensure things are taken care of immediately. You do not want the bed bugs lingering in your office for too long as they can end up ruining what you do!

You can’t have to do anything in your office if your outlets, lights, and appliances are not working. Call a licensed electrical service to help you fix any electrical issues.

Lovely Book Display Ideas

Liven up your interior space by displaying coffee table and all your other books in interesting and innovative ways. Books can be used in a number of ways along with other decorative elements to create focal points and pretty corners. Rack and stack your books on shelves, cubes and in baskets. Line one of your walls with built-in shelves and organize the books by color and size. Fashion books can make a gorgeous statement when arranged alongside candles and flowers. When displayed and styled correctly books can really become quite an asset in the décor world. Install an air conditioner to your room to refresh and feel cool because of today’s hot weather. professional air conditioning services with affordable rates.

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Pretty Valentines Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

V-Day is on it’s way and with a couple of creative ideas and a whole lot of love we can wrap our Valentine’s Day gifts and be sure to make our loved ones smile all the way! Red is ultimately the colour of love, so grab some red-hot inspiration and shoot that Arrow of love! Enjoy x

Cute Prints from Made By Girl

We absolutely adore these fabulous prints by Jen Ramos. They are fantastic for sprucing up your office, creative work space or just adding some flair to any area of the home. Visit Made By Girl to get yourself one of these pretty prints.


Pastel Christmas

With some sparkle on the tree and a twinkle in the eye we want to welcome the prettiest of pastels into our homes this Christmas. It surely is the most wonderful time of the year and we want to celebrate it with soft shades of shimmering blue and candyfloss pink. Whether it is a snowy or a sunny Festive Season, make time to choose your palette wisely and create a truly magical Christmas.

10 Organised Home Office ideas

For all us girls working from home, the home office should be our little haven. A space where we can let our thoughts flow, feel inspired and declutter our minds. Getting organised is the most vital step in planning a lovely working environment. When your girly goods ,stationary ,diaries and papers are stacked ,stored and neatly placed it gives you a sense of peace. A beautiful ,calming space will make it easy for you to focus and unleash your creative edge. Enjoy these lovely images and let them motivate and encourage you to start organising right away.

Refrigerators have always been a much-needed commodity. A home office isn’t complete without a place to store your cold drinks and beverages. Today you can find fridges with different styles and varying sizes. When choosing a refrigerator, there are things to take in consideration. If you’re searching for the best freezerless refrigerator you can check out the review by bTrendie, it might help you to find the one that meets your needs.  I also want a home that looks amazing too. So I got a brand new layer of stucco worked by SAN JOSE STUCCO contractors.

Other ideas include:

If you want to renovate or remodel your home office, you can hire a remodeling contractor to do it for you. Spring Hill has the best remodeling company that can work within your existing space and budget. And if you need a trusted concrete demolition service, Fort Collins demolition is fast and reliable with the best rates.

Did you figure out that you have bed bugs living in your home? The realization may have occurred after you were continuously dealing with random bites and eventually spotted a live bed bug crawling around on your couch or bed. These pests can live in your clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and even stuffed animals. You need to hire a pest control company and bring the professionals to your home especially your home office to start treatment. Pest control professionals may use heat treatment or an insecticide that is effective on the bed bugs.

Decorating with Flowers

Choose from poppies, peonies, roses or lilies and freshen up your home with fabulous floral arrangements. Flowers are the perfect way to give your vanity, living room, kitchen or bedroom a personal touch and unique look.  You can play around with different colours, arrangements and interesting vases. Get inspired and creative and make your space a gorgeous and happy one.

Pretty Accessory Storage Ideas

Having a disorganised closet with handbags ,shoes ,sunglasses and jewellery  all over the show, can be quite a nightmare. What if you are getting ready for a fab night out and you just can’t seem to find that perfect clutch bag or the cocktail ring that will look stunning with your sparkly dress! Well ,not to worry, here we have some lovely storage solutions for you. You can hang or rack,stack and display all your gorgeous accessories. Shelves and storage cubes are great and you can even do them yourself. Or find pretty boxes, label them with pictures and let them be home to your heels. Start organising your way to your dream closet now.

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Gold Polka Dot Walls

We are currently so obsessed with these gorgeous gold polka dots for your walls. It gives a room a soft and feminine touch with a glam factor. A great way to update your bedroom or home office, and if you don’t feel brave enough to cover a whole wall, you can opt for a gold dot print and display it in a pretty frame.


10 Cute Home Office storage ideas

A home office should be a comfortable and nicely organized area where you should feel happy and relaxed, but sometimes storing and arranging all your pretty goods may become a bit of a problem. Here we have found 10 lovely ideas to inspire you.

1. Perspex holders – They are great for storing letters and notes.

2. Shelves– So easy and perfect for all your books and other treasured trinkets.

3. Wire racks – Cute for diaries, books and general clean-up of your desk.

4.  Furniture with drawers – Great for organising of papers and pictures. Make things even easier by marking and labelling the drawers.

5. Colored crates – use them for storing gift wrap or magazines. You can also paint them in your color of choice.

6. Trays – it is a perfect and stylish way of organising your office goodies.

7. Pinboard – the best place for all your memories,pretty papers and bags. Let it inspire you!

8. Box it up – pretty patterned boxes are great for storage and will add some eye candy to your office.

9. Files and more – Making  a colorful statement while organising all your paperwork is a fab storage idea.

10. Cubed storage – What more can we say? Great for organised display and everything else…

It is also important to secure your home by putting a fence. will give you the privacy you deserve in your home.