10 Cute Home Office storage ideas

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A home office should be a comfortable and nicely organized area where you should feel happy and relaxed, but sometimes storing and arranging all your pretty goods may become a bit of a problem. Here we have found 10 lovely ideas to inspire you.

1. Perspex holders – They are great for storing letters and notes.

2. Shelves– So easy and perfect for all your books and other treasured trinkets.

3. Wire racks – Cute for diaries, books and general clean-up of your desk.

4.  Furniture with drawers – Great for organising of papers and pictures. Make things even easier by marking and labelling the drawers.

5. Colored crates – use them for storing gift wrap or magazines. You can also paint them in your color of choice.

6. Trays – it is a perfect and stylish way of organising your office goodies.

7. Pinboard – the best place for all your memories,pretty papers and bags. Let it inspire you!

8. Box it up – pretty patterned boxes are great for storage and will add some eye candy to your office.

9. Files and more – Making  a colorful statement while organising all your paperwork is a fab storage idea.

10. Cubed storage – What more can we say? Great for organised display and everything else…

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