Funfetti Cupcake Recipe

A delicate white and fluffy cupcake might seem just a tad “vanilla” to our liking, but when topped with the tiniest of funfetti sprinkles, it becomes a birthday treat of note. It is pure happiness. And might I just add that you simply can’t have only one…so prepare to indulge. For some of this heavenly […]

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Easter Table Decorations

Have some fun decorating your Easter table this coming weekend. Gone are the days of boring and bland. Go for some cute eggshell flower posies, cute and graphic washi tape Easter eggs or create Monsieur Moustache for a fun element. Play around with colours, candles and feathers. Hope you all have a Happy Easter! Images via: 1 , 2 , 3 , […]

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Lemonade and Lemon Bars

Lemons are vibrant and versatile, with an undeniable zesty tang and a refreshing touch. It will brighten even the darkest of days and make your smile just a little brighter. I simply can’t imagine warm , sunny days without a tall glass of chilled homemade lemonade or biting into a slice of lemon bar heaven. So […]

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Wardrobe Essential – The White Shirt

Dress it up – dress it down. I am absolutely in love with the classic white shirt, and I believe it to be a fabulous must-have for every wardrobe! Pair it with jeans or denim shorts for a more trendy casual look or combine with black pants for a definite hint of sexy. Add a jacket and give […]

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3 Delicious Easter Treats

1. Peter Cottontail Cupcakes Recipe Create a gorgeous feast and celebrate this Easter by stacking your table with the prettiest of Easter treats. From lovely, little cupcakes decorated with Bunny ears to fluffy coconut tails. It is so easy and fun, you can even get family and friends to join in. 2. Bunny Tails recipe 3. Toasted Coconut Cupcakes Recipe  

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Home Decor – Metallic Touch

Try adding some metallic touches to your décor this season. Whether opting for a more polished copper or a brushed bronze, the overall effect will be subtle yet glamorous. Mix it up with soft pastel hues, wooden features or gorgeous neutrals. Images via Tumblr

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